To develop human resource, well educated in the various aspects of modern science and technology, which is fully devoted to the nation having knowledge of Vedic Culture.



Dayanand Paradise should be recognized in the academic world as an institution of excellence for learning to the entire satisfactions of all concerned.



  •  To prepare students with ability to face international challenge.
  •  To prepare wholesome individuals equipped and conditioned to work or live in any part of the globe.
  •  To provide a blend of Vedic and modern culture.
  •  To instill in the students the reaching of brotherhood and oneness irrespective of religion or race.
  •  To provide high quality education- including State-of-Art infrastructure, excellent academic and cultural environment.
  •  To offer a medium of instruction with teaching of English, Sanskrit, and one foreign language to facilitate mobility in pursuing higher education in required institutions both within the country and outside.