Living up to the principles and teachings of the great visionary Swami Dayanand Sarswati, ‘Dayanand Paradise’ situated in Abu Road at the foothills of Mount Abu, comfortably ensconced in the beautiful valley surrounded by the majestic Aravali Range.

I take great pride in being the manager and advisor of such an educational Institution where modern science and latest technology meet the traditional value system for which ‘Bharatvarsh’ has always been respected. The school has a very effective and balanced administrative pattern. The Residential School is fully equipped with all the latest amenities and comforts for the students and the credit goes to the farsightedness of its architects and the benevolence of the founders of the institution.

The inculcation of moral values, ethics in the students is done through regular classroom teaching as well as the performance of yajnas and international collaborations with the schools of more than five countries from time to time which give the school a unique standing amongst other educational institutions.

I take the opportunity to congratulate the Chairman Shri Suresh Arya, the President Shri Moti Lal Arya and the Principal Mr. J.K. Agrawal for their vision, dedication, positive attitude and philanthropic ideology in running this outstanding institution. I sincerely hope that with the blessings of the Almighty the school will flourish and continue to give to the nation better individuals, ideal citizens and inspired youth, who will be able to live Swami Dayanandji’s vision and transform Bharat into the ‘Aryavarta’ of his dreams.