ओ३म् स्वस्ति पन्थामनु चरेम सुर्यचन्द्रमसाविव |
पुनर्दद्ताघ्नता जानता सं गमेमहि ||

A civilization is not built of bricks, steel and machinery. It is built with men, their quality and character. We build dams, big canals but the aim of Dayanand Paradise is to build a man for whose prosperity dams and canals are building.

Dayanand Paradise nurture such that each child will study modern education along with the art of defence, virtue, courtesy, sense of morality and thereby gain the ability of critical thinking of what was right and what was wrong. Hence honest and self-disciplined people held the supreme place amongst individuals, family, society and the Nation.

We have to prepare social, cultural, spiritual, economic, industrial, political, scientific & intellectual leadership through Dayanand Paradise.