Welcome To Dayanand Paradise

Dayanand Paradise is a unique blend of values, ancient (Vedic Culture) modern and spiritual. We will strive to prepare cosmopolitan students, who will be aware of global issues, different cultural contents and will be confident to take their own decisions and reach their summits. Dayanand Paradise for education will be unique institution, which will groom students having the required life skills, and are morally, culturally and academically competent to make meaningful contribution to the nation and excel in their profession with special emphasis on spirituality and character building.

Dayanand Paradise has been established as the breeding ground for social and National leaders of tomorrow. Our motto is to provide modern education with vedic culture.


Blessing from Swami Ji

A civilization is not built of bricks, steel and machinery. It is built with men, their quality and character. We build dams, big canals but the aim of Dayanand Paradise is to build a man for whose prosperity dams and canals are building. Dayanand Paradise nurture such that each child will study modern education along with the art of defence, virtue, courtesy, sense of morality and thereby gain the ability of critical thinking of what was right and what was wrong... Read More

Chairman’s Message

Children are the future of any nation and are at the centre of the dreams and aspirations of the parents and country. Parents wish to see their children achieve great heights. They aspire to give their children the best of education and the best of values. The ancient Vedic Education system of India was the best divine combination of education and values. Dayanand Paradise is a unique blend of values, ancient Vedic learning and the best of modern education... Read More

What Parents Say ?