विद्या ददाति विनयं विनयाद्याति पात्रताम् ।
पात्रत्वाद्धनमाप्नोति धनाद्धर्मं ततः सुखम् ।।

Children are the future of any nation and are at the centre of the dreams and aspirations of the parents and country. Parents wish to see their children achieve great heights. They aspire to give their children the best of education and the best of values. The ancient Vedic Education system of India was the best divine combination of education and values. Dayanand Paradise is a unique blend of values, ancient Vedic learning and the best of modern education. We wish to groom up leaders of tomorrow with high moral values along with the best of modern education through Dayanand Paradise.

In modern aspect, a stress- free, non-coercive and creative environment both within and outside the class, enables the children not only to unravel the truths of life, sharpen their skills, unfurl their creativity and innovation, but also provides them with the opportunity of developing a strong bond of faith and mutual respect with their peers, parents, teachers and society.

I Pledge my steadfastness to the growth of this remarkable institution and to the field of education.